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MGM Booking is the creator behind many of the stellar events that are happening around you. World-acclaimed artists and visually stunning shows are the coordinates that set our concerts aside. Our signature events are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that bring out all the euphoria you can conjure up.
MGM Booking is relentless in its goal of bringing the most relevant performers, billboard artists and breakthrough singers, to eager audiences. Check out some of our powerhouse shows:

Maître Gims - 22 iunie 2018 - Arenele Romane


SEAN PAUL MAD Love Europe Tour 23 mai 2018


Prom Factory

by MGM Booking

It’s almost time for your yearly courses to end and you and your mates want to mark the occasion with a night of celebration. Why not give up stressing and opt to work with a cool professional team that will help you with all things Prom Night?

Prom Factory is an MGM Booking project that sums up our entire experience in organizing prom celebrations for high school and university students. We offer a whole array of themed proms you can choose from, all-inclusive solutions that you can select depending on your gang’s preferences. At the same time, we can help you with custom tailored events, designed from your innovative ideas.

Prom organization prices also include artist booking of your favorite performer or band, as well as a few of our very own wow bonuses, which are sure to make it a night to remember.

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