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MGM Booking is the event organising and artist booking agency whose personalised services and memorable shows have established it as one of the most customer oriented agencies on the Romanian market. Each project is handled with personalised care and support, and we pour all our drive, resilience and patience into your event, to ensure a magical moment for all participants.

We’re constantly working towards making your dreams come to life. MGM Booking is committed to signing the artists and performers that are on your wish list – unlike other event organising agencies, we will not try to push a list of „exclusive artists we work with” on you. We prefer to not limit your choices that is why MGM Booking stands ready to go after the performer you’re eyeing and sign him/her for your big night.

Gina Mihai is the creative force behind our agency, MGM Booking’s very own CEO and certified artist manager. With 13 years in the industry under her belt, Gina Mihai is one of the most competent strategic forces in showbiz, employing her extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of event organising and booking to create personalised, one-of-a-kind events for each of our clients.

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Our mission is to create the right entertainment mix for your special day or night. We’ve been described as „insanely thorough” or „crazy meticulous”– ourselves, we prefer to say We care. We take our role very seriously and each project is considered The Project throughout its entire duration.  Hundreds of successful events organized and thousands of personalized details handled for our clients recommend MGM Booking as a highly professional and versatile partner.

What’s more, Gina Mihai’s team is made up of some of the best connected people in the business, ensuring that we always have a passage way towards making your plans come to life. See below several examples of venues where we’ve recurrently invested time and care in creating memorable shows.


Prom Factory

by MGM Booking

It’s almost time for your yearly courses to end and you and your mates want to mark the occasion with a night of celebration. Why not give up stressing and opt to work with a cool professional team that will help you with all things Prom Night?

Prom Factory is an MGM Booking project that sums up our entire experience in organizing prom celebrations for high school and university students. We offer a whole array of themed proms you can choose from, all-inclusive solutions that you can select depending on your gang’s preferences. At the same time, we can help you with custom tailored events, designed from your innovative ideas.

Prom organization prices also include artist booking of your favorite performer or band, as well as a few of our very own wow bonuses, which are sure to make it a night to remember.


All artist options from national and international charts are available to you when working with MGM Booking. We will help you choose the artist that best matches your event’s theme – we’ll analyze alongside you what the trendiest moments at the option include and we’ll help you pick the directions and the details depending on the objective of the events and your available budget. In addition, we’ll help you negotiate the artist’s fee, for your convenience.


Working in showbiz, we’ve had to opportunity to collaborate with many amazing artists – all know-how we’ve accrued in building brands, constructing market strategies and achieving notoriety is available to you when partnering with MGM Booking.  Whether you’re planning to consolidate your brand, to enrich its values or to perform a complete rebranding, our brand management team can support you with its market vision, anchored in today’s dynamics, and with relentless execution power. MGM Booking will set up the appropriate strategy with you and we will handle its market roll-out, with the aim of getting the public’s perception on track with our brand objectives.


Organizing an event requires attention and management of hundreds of variables, sprinkled with unpredictability at all steps. Outsource all stress and worries concerning your big moment to professionals, and enjoy the night to the fullest, when knowing you’re in good hands. MGM Booking’s team will take on all logistic activities and we will manage all aspects involved: contracting the location, scenography and lighting equipment rental and setup, and full event time schedule. Given our vast experience in event organizing, the entire process becomes streamlined, and once-unpredictable scenarios see solutions prepared in advance, without any hurdles.


MGM Booking consultancy services make the difference between a stock event and a phenomenal event. We pay careful attention to each challenge and we treat all aspects related to location look and feel, to reception and to participants’ entertainment, with professionalism.  MGM Booking is the ideal master of ceremony for your memorable event, ensuring you will be the talk of the town.

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Amazing team

  • Iuliana Stanca
    Iuliana Stanca Executive Manager Assistant
  • Gina Mihai
    Gina Mihai C.E.O. MGM Booking

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